Friday, April 29, 2011

A Quick Reminder

The first book coming up for discussion will be Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell. The time for discussion will be 9 pm CST, Sunday May 15. If you would like to participate, please have the book read by this time and show up at chat (you'll find that under the chat tab at the top) at the discussion time. You do not need to be a member or a follower (though I wouldn't mind if you were...) to join chat.

I would really love to see a lot of people there. Discussion should take about an hour, though it could last longer.

As I mentioned on the book list page, if you would like to join chat, but the time does not work well for you, please email me with a time and date that would work better for you. I will do my best to make sure as many people can join as possible.


  1. Wishing you success with this. Haven't read 1984.

    Hosting a giveaway on my reading blog here, so you could check that out if you have a moment.

  2. I have always been interested in joining a book club as well but living in a small town (3000) in Montana does not afford me the opportunity of a local one either. I have always wanted to read 1984 and now I have a good excuse, as if I needed one!